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Carbelene CL MB

Carbelene CL Master Batches are custom formulated to work with specific clarified Polypropylenes significantly increasing impact properties without the loss of clarity or creating flowlines & swirling.

Key properties include:

  • Significantly improve direct & notched impact properties
  • (Example Results: Melt Flow 65 gm/10min, Notched Izod 7 ft-lbs/in, Flex Modulus 120,000)
  • Maintain or improve clarity (no flowlines or swirling)
  • Melt flows from 2 – 75 g/10min
  • Recommended Let down ratios from 5% - 20%
  • Broad range of flexural properties
  • Grades for injection molding & extrusion/thermoforming
  • Low to no blooming in finished parts